Who should chargesheet BJP? KTR takes on Prakash Javadekar

In the recent visit, that was two days back, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar was in Hyderabad to help in the campaigning of BJP prior to upcoming GHMC elections. During his visit Javadekar spoke about an ‘AIMIM mukt’ Hyderabad and even released a booklet titled ‘Chargesheet’, against TRS government.

KTR questions BJP over chargesheet

Javadekar questioned as to why KCR was harping about privatisation instead of talking of developments under his rule.

Naturally, this has triggered counter-allegations from TRS. KTR has organised a press meet specially to question BJP, both local and national about their achievements and economic policies. KTR also raised a lot of questions regarding Centre’s step-motherly treatment of Telangana.

In his speech that lasted for about 30 minutes, KTR had a line-up of issues, which he said could be held against the Centre. “On which issue should a chargesheet be released on BJP and Modi’s government?” he wondered.

Just like his counterparts in BJP, who are well-versed in delivering impressive speeches, KTR’s speech too was convincing to say the least.

While accepting that election time was a time when parties indulge in mud-slinging, KTR likened BJP members to Goebbel’s cousins and said they were lying through their nose. He also took on the union minister Javadekar for releasing a ‘Chargesheet’ against TRS-MIM government. KTR’s argument was that the booklet should have been against TRS government.

To begin with, he pointed out how open Javadekar was spitting venom against AIMIM and added that this showed BJP’s vicious stand on Muslims, not just in Hyderabad, but all over India.

KTR said the Centre was showing its might, failing to realise that Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkand (formed in 2000) were still lagging in terms of development, while Telangana (just six years old) was racing ahead with various beneficial schemes for various sections of people, along with attracting huge investments from big MNCs.

After listing out a lot of issues where the Centre or the BJP government failed, KTR then cited many examples for which Telangana people should be raising a ‘chargesheet’ against BJP. “The BJP leaders have been using the phrase ‘act of God’ over and over again to cover-up their lapses. Even God will issue a chargesheet against you, for your failed economic policies which are draining the country of resources,” said KTR.

KTR did not stop there. He said the way government slighted the migrant workers during Corona pandemic, which was reason enough to issue a ‘chargesheet’.

Another major point that was note-worthy was KTR’s allegation against BJP regarding their alliance with PDP in Kashmir.

Corporatisation of food chain, privatisation of PSUS, railways, LIC, turning a blind eye to the many problems and requests of Telangana government were reason enough for issuance of a ‘chargesheet’, reinforced KTR. “They are saying ‘becho India’, we are saying ‘socho India’.”

“I cannot expect answers for all my questions, but if the BJP has some shame, they must answer at least some of my questions,” concluded the TRS MA & UD Minister.