When Revanth Reddy Can, Why Can’t Vijayashanti?

Revanth Reddy who was the last ray of hope for TDP in Telangana moved into the Congress party. But his early days in the Congress party haven’t been quite easy and neither was he frustration free. It is well known that there is a lot of internal bickering within the Congress party. Almost all the senior leaders hope to make it as the Congress chief and this leads to internal rivalry among them.

Vijayashanti directionless

It’s only when the high command sends an order, the leaders come together and can be seen sitting next to each other on one stage. But Revanth Reddy has managed to work on himself and he has learnt to mind his own business or rather his own agenda.

Once realisation dawned, he has been actively taking up activities and working in his permitted sphere for the betterment of the Congress.

Quite in contrast to him is actress-turned-politician Vijayashanti. While she has distanced herself from the party activities she did not stop complaining about the way she was treated by the Congress party. During the last elections, she was specially asked to get back to work for the party. However, Vijayashanti’s discontentment did not go. Then the party asked her to contest for the Dubbaka by-elections. But she refused.

Once again she is heard complaining about how she has been sidelined by the party. But now party leaders feel that instead of constantly complaining, she can start working for the party and become active on a frequent basis. Just complaining will not help, is the advice they have for the once firebrand actress.