Temple for KCR: Fast unto death to meet him

Gunda Ravinder shot to fame during the Telangana movement. He is the diehard fan of CM KCR. He showcased his love for KCR by constructing a temple for KCR in his house premises in Dandepalli, Manchireal district, Telangana. All the TRS and KCR supporters celebrated it in a grand manner.

But the same Ravinder is now sitting under fast unto death. Speaking to scribes he expressed huge displeasure. He said he lost all his properties to strengthen TRS but the party did not even give any recognition to him. He requested at least he be given an opportunity to meet CM KCR.

Ravinder created hulchul even earlier. He tried to commit suicide in front of the CM Office. He said since 2001 he was in Telangana formation moment but the government did not give him any financial aid. Punjagutta police during that time took him into their custody and shifted him to the station. Now he is hogging the media limelight with his fast unto death.

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