Sonu Sood temple in Dubba Tanda, Siddipet, Telangana

Sonu Sood has been getting applause and continues to get applause from various quarters across India for his philanthropic work that started when the pandemic broke out. He has been felicitated and recognised on various platforms.


Sonu Sood temple at Dubba Tanda, Siddipet, Telangana


Now, the latest news is that a temple has been built to honour the work of Sonu Sood. Incidentally, the temple has been built in Dubba Tanda, Siddipet in Telangana. A bust of Sonu Sood can be seen in the ‘temple’. The locals have shown their appreciation and gratitude for his outstanding work by building him a temple.

The small tanda which is a quaint spot in Telangana is part of the headlines for their latest undertaking.

Sonu Sood has done commendable work in helping migrant workers reach their homes during peak time of corona. He also made sure that students could give their exams by providing transportation, food. This apart, he also ensured that students struck abroad could come home.

However, Sonu Sood’s work is now an ongoing process. He is considered to be a go-to man for all problems by people looking for someone to bail them out of their misery.

The love and affection showered on him has overwhelmed Sonu Sood and he confesses that life has indeed changed for him since pandemic. He adds that the roles that are being offered to him are also very different from the ones he is used to playing.

Usually, such acts are common in Tamil Nadu, where temples are built for popular actors and actresses. Looks like our own Telangana people have taken a leaf out of their books.