Siddipet village flooded

Siddipet district in Telangana is well known for everyone across the state. This because the constituency is represented by Telangana CM KCR’s nephew, Harish Rao who is well known for his administration prowess and who has a mass following.

According to the sources, villagers of Shivar Venkatapur in Markur Mandal were surprised to see water enter into their area. By 7 AM the village looked like surrounded by a river in spate. Later it was found that a breach in the Kondapochammasagar reservoir canal in Siddipet district resulted in the flooding of the village.

This destroyed the fields and vegetable cultivation but villagers are not affected as they are yet to start their agricultural work. Even though villagers ran into their houses, floodwater entered there also.

Officials swung into action and identified the spot and repaired the breach to stem the flow of water.