Revanth or KTR: Who fell in the Farm House trap

Speculation is increasing as to who gained from Revanth Reddy’s allegations on Telangana CM KCR’s son KTR’s farm house. Till recently TRs leaders fired on all cylinders blasting Revanth Reddy over the issue. However of late everyone became silent. TRS leaders say there is a secret strategy behind their silence.

Though Revanth is attacking KTR, TRS leaders are not reacting. This is making even Congress leaders wonder about the strategy. It is known that Revanth Reddy fought against the KCR government’s GO 111. He said KTR constructed his farmhouse in an illegal manner.

TRS government according to sources found out that Congress leaders have more illegal constructions in Hyderabad.KCR is now planning to give notices to all the Congress MLAs and then destroy the illegal construction. Now Revanth Reddy raking up GO 111 is shocking Congress leaders.

Congress leaders who dreamed of taking the fight with Revanth Reddy’s attack over GO111 is now giving sleepless nights for them. They are now furious over Revanth Reddy for drowning them in trouble. Due to Revanth’s allegations, all their farmhouse would be destroyed. So Congress leaders are asking Revanth to remain silent over the issue.

Congress leaders also suspect the TRS government came with a sketch to demolish their farmhouses with the help of KTR’s farmhouse and Revanth Reddy unknowingly fell into the trap. Congress leaders are angry that they dragged them into unnecessary trouble.