Miracle at Chilkur Balaji: Is this end of Corona?

The most popular and powerful temple Chilkur Balaji in Hyderabad witnessed a miracle. As usual Temple priest Suresh Maharaj opened the temple early morning. He was surprised to see a tortoise (Koorma Avatar) near inside the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara.

He at once informed the same to main priest Rangarajan. He came and watched the tortoise and was surprised completely. He said there is no way a tortoise can enter the temple premises and that too the sanctum sanctorum and they are unable to understand how this miracle happened.

Speaking to scribes, Rangarajan said ‘ The tortoise (koorma murthy) entering the temple signals a miracle and a wonderful moment. During Sagarmanthan, poison came and Lord Shiva accepted it and saved the world. Similarly, we will be free from coronavirus and this signifies that we will soon get Amrit (Ambrosia). This is good news for everyone”

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