Lockdown ruled out in Hyderabad

COVID positive cases are increasing at an alarming rate in Telangana. More importantly, Hyderabad is witnessing rise in cases with each passing day. Getting scared people started taking their own initiatives and business establishments started closing their shops earlier than expected.

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In the meantime, rumors are spreading that the Government would impose lockdown once again to control coronavirus and many people once again started heading back to their native places in Hyderabad. People are angrily questioning instead of controlling corona by imposing lockdown, why KCR’s administration is sleeping.

In the midst of all this, Minister KTR reacted to the demands of lockdown. Rolling out the figures and comparing the same with the National stats, he said deaths in Telangana are very less. He said while the fatality rate in the country is 3%, in Telangana it is just 2%. He said this became possible due to the positive steps taken by the TRS government headed by KCR.

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He said there is no situation that lockdown be imposed and make people confined to homes until the vaccine comes. He said under those circumstances one doesn’t know whether people will die of corona but will definitely die of financial problems and hunger. He said one is not sure how many lose their jobs. He said the imposition of lockdown will result in people losing their livelihood.