Is Harish Rao being made a scapegoat?

Harish Rao's inspiration from Chandra babu

Politics is a strange game. One never knows which side the balance will tilt. Long ago, there was a time when Harish Rao was a close aide of KCR and worked relentlessly for Telangana. But once polls happened, things changed drastically for Harish Rao. From close coterie to a man under the radar, Harish Rao has been compromising with his situation in the party.

Harish Rao scapegoat once again?

The latest issue for Harish Rao is TRS losing out in Dubbaka. He even held a press conference and took complete blame for the loss of TRS. However, political analysts feel that it was a clever move on the part of KCR to make Harish Rao the in-charge of Dubbaka.

Even BJP’s Jitender Reddy made a comment to this affect saying that the ruling party and KCR were well-aware of the party losing in Dubbaka. That’s why they roped in Harish Rao, insists Reddy. He added that without realising this, Harish Rao got totally immersed in the campaigning at Dubbaka.

Now, there is another angle to the story. Apart from what BJP has to say, there is inside talk in TRS that there are two groups within the party — one supporting KTR and another supporting Harish Rao. Info is that both sections try to outdo each other at every given opportunity.

For the same reason, when KCR and KTR were asked to canvass in Dubbaka, none of them turned up. Rumour is that KTR sensing a defeat did not bother to consider Dubbaka. Now, all eyes are turned towards Harish Rao.

Meanwhile, there are some political analysts who feel that BJP is spreading this line of thought to get Harish Rao into BJP.

But one has to remember that Harish Rao had commented in the past that he will die a supporter of KCR. So, despite allegations and counter-allegations and political analysis, there will be no further development till Harish Rao makes his move, if at all.