Starring: Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik, Venu, Rahul Ramakrishna, and others

Director: Sarath Mandava

Producers: SLV Cinemas and RT Team works

Music Director: Sam CS

Ravi Teja’s career has always been a roller-coaster ride. He delivers a slew of flops after a hit. The actor who delivered a massive hit with Raja The Great took a long time to deliver another hit in the form of Krack followed by another dud Khiladi. The ‘Mass Maharaj’ is out with a new movie Rama Rao On Duty. Let’s see what the movie is all about.


 Rama Rao is a strict and upright Mandal Revenue Officer who was formerly terminated from the position of deputy collector and is posted in the Chittoor district in 1995. Being a sincere officer, he decides to unravel the mystery of deaths happening in his area. Upon his investigation, he finds that an illegal Red Sandalwood mafia is behind these deaths. How Rama Rao solves the mystery and punishes the criminals is the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

Ravi Teja’s performance is the biggest plus point of the movie. He doesn’t go overboard and has given a subtle performance. Venu Thottempudi who is back on screen after 9 years has been impressed with his role as SI Jammi Murali.

Rahul Ramakrishna bags another important role though the screen space is limited.

Minus Points:

Not many commercial elements and a lack of entertainment


On the whole, Rama Rao On Duty is not a routine commercial action movie. The plot is interesting and the movie focuses more on the investigation part than the action. It’s a decent watch.