‘New Currency’ Shekhar Reddy Got Clean Chit From CBI..!

'New Currency' Shekhar Reddy Got Clean Chit From CBI

Shekhar Reddy .. The name that created a ruckus during the ban of currency notes. From one perspective, dumping of new notes at Shekhar Reddy when the common man facing a difficulty to find a new currency. Shekhar Reddy has been blamed for trading old banknotes for new ones worth Rs 247.13 crore.

It is a consequence where common people were stood for so long hours in a queue in front of banks even the exchange is for a small amount. It is a situation where Modi counter strikes to rice people who have black money by demolishing the old currency and implementing various conditions for exchanging large amout of money.

‘New Currency’ Shekhar Reddy Got Clean Chit From CBI

CBI has ordered an inquiry into Shekhar Reddy. The CBI has also registered cases. Following four years, every one of those cases were excused by the CBI court. The CBI itself has expressed that there is no proof in the arguments enrolled against Shekhar Reddy. The CBI additionally told the CBI exceptional court in Chennai that the cases could be excused on the ground that they couldn’t demonstrate the charges against them.

As there is no proper evidence against Shekhar Reddy to proove him guilty,the court has decided to dismiss the cases on the basis that the CBI has not found any evidence