Starring: Prabhudeva, Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, Ramya Nambessan

Director: N Raghavan

Producer: Ramesh P Pillai

Music Director:D Imman

 Prabhudeva, who was once hailed as an ‘India Michael Jackson’ has turned a busy actor after the sensational blockbuster of Premikudu movie and later turned into a director and delivered several hits like Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana and Wanted. He is on a break from direction at the moment and has turned actor once again with the fantasy entertainer My Dear Bhootam. Let’s see how the movie fares.


Karnamukhi (Prabhudeva) is the head of an evil kingdom. One day his son Kinginiya gets cursed by a sage after Kinginiya disturbs the meditating sage. A doting father Karnamukhi requests the sage to curse him instead of his son. The sage curses Karnamukhi and turns him into a statue. The sage also tells Karnamukhi though anyone releases him from the curse, that person needs to mouth a certain Sanskrit sloka in 48 days for Karnamukhi to return to his world.

If they fail to do so, Karnamukhi will die. On the other side, we get to see a schoolboy Srinivasa Rangan (Ashwanth Kumar) who gets insulted quite often by his friends due to his stammering issue. One day during their school exhibition, the school boy accidentally releases Karnamukhi from the curse. The rest of the story is about how Karnamukhi changed the kid’s life. Did Karnamukhi return to his world? How did Karnamukhi change Srini’s life forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

 The kid Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, who also played a key role Super Deluxe movie is the major asset for this movie. His acting as a stammering boy is fantastic and he is equally good acting to Prabhudeva.

Prabhudeva suited the role perfectly and entertains throughout the movie. The bonding between him and kid is well depicted. The entire first half is good on entertainment and easily connects to the kids.

Minus Points:

Though there are no major drawbacks, the second half is not as good as the first half. The VFX effects are not top notch.


On the whole, My Dear Bhootam is an entertaining movie that easily connects to the kids. It’s a decent watch.