Koratla Siva in big confusion

Director Koratala Siva is one of the biggest commercial directors in Telugu cinema industry and his stardom is only after Rajamouli. With high percentage of success, he’s the most sought-after directors in Tollywood.

However, the unexpected debacle of Acharya has depressed him a lot. Koratala waited for four long years after Bharat Ane Nenu to come up with Chiranjeevi-Ram Charan’s movie. Forgetting the debacle, Koratala wants to get back to form with NTR’s movie and the poster has been released.

But, the movie’s shooting is getting further delayed. The movie was supposed to hit the sets this August but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the project is getting postponed. As per the sources, NTR has suggested some changes and Koratala is working on that.

On the other hand, there’s also a strong sentiment that the hero will deliver a dud after working with Rajamouli and it’s proved in case of Ram Charan. Now, the fans and even NTR is worried of the same sentiment. Let’s hope NTR breaks the myth with Koratala’s movie.