How strong are YS. Jagan’s allegations against Justice NV.Ramana

In the aftermath of the sensational letter in which AP CM YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy made shocking allegations against Justice NV.Ramana, experts are analysing how strong are Jagan’s allegations against the justice.

How strong are YS. Jagan's allegations against Justice NV.Ramana
How strong are YS. Jagan’s allegations against Justice NV.Ramana

CM Jagan alleges that the verdicts were given for the benefit of Dammalapati Srinivas, who served as a public prosecutor during the tenure of Justice Ramana as a High Court judge. He also attached a list saying ‘Here is the list of cases’ with his complaint.
A glance at that list, one will understand how much pain the authorities took to paint that something illegal happened at the time. The list, compiled by the government itself, contains many errors and omissions. The cases argued by Dammalapati as a private lawyer and the cases argued as a public lawyer were counted together. In this effort has been made indulging in numerical juggling but failed to prove how Justice NV.Ramana illegally helped Dammalapati Srinivas.

The list shows 121 cases related to the complaint made by Justice NV Ramana against Dammalapati Srinivasan. Seeing that number, it is natural for people to wonder whether one can get positive judgments in all the cases. But, there is big digit numerical juggling in these entire allegations. In the complaint after 1 to 77 in the numer jumped straight to 111. They deleted 33 cases and only 88 cases were increased to 121 cases.
What actually happened
Let’s see what kind of judgments / orders came in the 88 cases mentioned by the government! Justice NV Ramana had earlier rejected seven petitions saying that it was a ‘useless and useless case’. These were also included by the government in the ‘favourable’ list. 12 cases were dismissed in the next phase. That is, the cases filed by Dammalapati were struck down.Another five cases were dropped by Dammalapati himself. This means out of 88 cases, 24 cases turned out like this. And … the list given in the complaint made by Jagan‌ also includes some other group cases. I.e., cases filed by different petitioners on the same subject.
In this there are different lawyers. They were also put in the account of Dammalapati. Above all, the list includes most of the cases in which Dammalapati Srinivas has been heard as a public prosecutor. He has previously worked as a lawyer for Zilla Parishad and Municipal Departments. If favorable verdicts are handed down in these cases it is as if it is in the best interest of the government. What personal benefit did Dammalapati get? If a lawyer wins in cases involving government interests, will the result go to the lawyer personally rather than to the government? The courts are questioning that.
Many Manipulations
The cases filed by Dammalapati for hearing during audit, and also shows those who have been admitted for trial and those who have been beaten for lack of comprehensiveness. YS. Jagan’s government has the rare distinction of portraying portraying dismissal cases as good for the lawyer.
The first case mentioned in the list of 88 cases counted as 121 was 4652/2008. The complaint states that the order was not clear and that the case was closed in 2007. The list showed the same case again in serial number 13 claiming that it had been dismissed in 2007.
This means that the government played these tricks just to increase the number of cases. When a case is filed in the High Court, it is admitted for trial. This is the rule. Once admitted, once dismissed … the same case is shown twice. In fact, admitting is not like being treated favorably. Dismissal is not actually favorable. The government, however, portrayed the admission and dismissal as a “favor” to Dammalapati.

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