Gunasekhar’s emotional entertainer with Chiranjeevi?

Gunasekhar's emotional entertainer with Chiranjeevi

Gunasekhar will be seen on the screen after a long break. He has many engrossing projects in his hands which are mythological-based movies. Presently, he is engaged in wrapping up Shakuntalam which features Sammantha and Dev Anand.

Besides this, he will be directing hot hunk Rana in his other project, and also he is prepared with his another direction titled Prataparudrudu. He is deciding to cast Super Star Mahesh Babu in the main role.

Internal talk is that Gunasekhar is thinking of making a movie in which he wants to cast Mega Star Chiranjeevi. As per the sources, he will be making a high-octane movie for Mega Star Chiranjeevi based on a strong emotional drama. Mega Star Chiranjeevi is engaged in the projects like Acharya, Lucifer, and other projects one of which will be under the direction of Meher Ramesh and the other under Bobby. In the coming days it will be known if Mega Star Chiranjeevi gives his consent to work on the project by Gunasekhar or not.

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