Chiranjeevi insults Garikapati

A few weeks ago, there was a big hue and cry when Garikipati Narasimha Rao lost his temper and asked Chiranjeevi to stop the photo session and listen to his speech during the recent Alai Balai event.

Though Chiranjeevi kept silent, his brother Nagababu, director Ram Gopal Varma and a few other celebrities from Tollywood took a dig at Garikapati and called him jealous of Chiranjeevi’s stardom.

A silent Chiranjeevi in all these episodes has recently dropped some sarcasm on Garikipati during the book launch event of Journalist Prabhu’s ‘Soonyam Nunchi Sikharalaku”.

When Journalist Prabhu’s family members came onto the stage to have a click with Chiranjeevi, he asked, “Aayana leru kadaa?” and the entire hall broke into laughter.