Ayyanna Patrudu doing more bad than good to TDP?

CH. Ayyanna Patrudu is one of the senior most leader in the TDP from North Andhra regions. In fact he is one of the very few TDP leaders who never switched loyalties. He was and is with TDP during happier times as well as rough times.

Ayyana patrudu
Ayyana patrudu

He is know for his aggressive politics right from the begining. In the pre social media era his agressiveness did impact only Ayyanna either positively or negatively. It had little impact on the party.

During the socila media era, smallest of the issues are being used to divert the original matter and are used for trolling the leader and the party.

One such issue happened yesterday where Ayyanna Patrudu was involved. While adressing a press conference post the GITAM demolition, he used few rough words towards revenue officials. The YSRCP social media took this as anadvantage and made this video viral. This infact took away the intensity of attack from TDP on the issue.

In the recent past too Ayyana was involved in a similar incident, where he used filty language against and MRO. Looks like these days the agressiveness of Mr. Ayyanna patrudu is doing more damage than good to the party.

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