YS.Jagan’s image tarnished: Will he act?

YS.Jagan’s ruled AP government in the case of corona patients is not seen in most states. The Jagan government is spending a huge amount of money to feed corona victims in hospitals and quarantine centers.

YS.Jagan image tarnished
YS.Jagan image tarnished

Despite spending so much,Jagan’s government is being criticised from all quarters. Due to the selfish acts of few, Jagan’s government is getting a bad name. A similar situation now prevails in Prakasam District Ongole. covid Care Centers have been set up at IIIT College in Ongole. The authorities arranged to feed them here. However .. the rice given to them is rotten .. the curries are not boiled .. and they are given rotten eggs.

Those who saw the food being served to the victims at the covid Center were incensed. The government spends over Rs 400 per patient per day. Contrary to that, they are making a mistake of providing unclean food. Not only that .. They say that there is a bad situation in the case of diet.

YS Jagan’s government is spending more on diet than other states. But .. the selfishness of those who got those contracts is bringing a bad name to the AP government.

Those who are money minded is getting criticised. videos related to them are being posted on social media .. in WhatsApp groups. It is noteworthy that the Jagan government has to face criticism for spending crores of rupees. The question is will Jagan act against those who are tarnishing his image.

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