Will Pawan take the risk and go for the ‘K’ill

Speculation is increasing as to whether Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Jana Sena take the risk and goes for the kill. It is known that people of AP got a huge shock when Mudragada Padmanabham suddenly called off his Kapu agitation.

No one can forget how he sent shivers down the spines of Chandra Babu Naidu’s government with his Kapu agitation demanding BC status for the community. During that time Pawan Kalyan, who is a Kapu made clear that he cannot confine himself to just Kapus and he will fight for the rights of all people.

Kapus became furious on Pawan but with no other alternate leader, they digested it silently. They feel that Kapus are not united and no leader is working towards it. They feel that if united and become a vote bank, Kapus can show their power in AP politics.

Mudragada tried to be different but after a few years, he shelved the movement. Under these circumstances, Kapus are facing existential crisis. There are many who are demanding Pawan to take up the mantle and lead the protests. But his well-wishers say if Pawan fights only for kapus he will alienate other communities and it will be suicidal.

One shouldn’t forget that when Chiranjeevi entered politics, YSR succeeded in branding him as a Kapu leader, and this stalled his progress.

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