Walton Family, Do it right: Sanders

Walton family, who own the American multinational retail corporation”Walmart”, is considered one of the wealthiest in the USA. There are more than a million people who work for Walmart. It is a great thing that Walmart has provided job opportunity to so many people. However, their per hour wage is way too less.

Minimum wage per hour that is considered good is fifteen dollars. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the most popular democratic socialist, is initiating the “stop Walmart act”. He wants the owners of Walmart to raise the minimum wage and also provide seven days of paid sick leave. The Act, when in place, would not let the organizations buy it’s own shares when it does not meet the minimum wage limit for its employees. Also, the CEO cannot earn more than 150 times of the median salary of the employees.

There is still time for elections in the US. Is Sanders doing the groundwork much ahead or is it a work of humanity? Hopefully the latter.