Richer by at least one lakh crores

Anil Ambani could get richer by one lakh crore rupees. It is not a new venture from the Ambani Group. That is just an estimated amount of all the defamation cases his company has filed in 2018.

From January 2018 to this date, 28 cases have been filed in Ahmedabad courts. The fee in Gujarat court is 75 thousand irrespective of the defamation amount that is claimed. In other places, the fee charged depends on the claim amount. Hence, Ahmedabad courts are preferred.

Media Organizations, Journalists, Politicians are against whom these cases are filed. The amounts mentioned in some of these cases are crazy. Journalists and small media companies may be earning in thousands and the defamation amount is in thousands of crores. There is no way some of them could afford it.

The reputation of the Reliance group is vital for the Ambanis. Maintaining credibility in their news is as important for the media. Hope both parties balance it out at the court. One of the hearing, the case against “The Wire”, is on 27th November.

Netizens are joking that Anil could pocket one lakh crore rupees if he wins all the cases and increase his overall returns for this year.