Pawan Kalyan to damage Babu more than what he thinks!

Pawan Kalyan, the actor turned politician, is one of the many reasons that helped TDP come back to power in 2014. All was well between Chandra Babu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan until recently. It is just six months ago Pawan upped his ante against TDP and Chandra babu’s rule, quoting various corruption allegations against Naidu’s son Lokesh.

Naidu known to be an intelligent politician kept aside all the differences with Janasena and made overtures to Janasena and Pawan Kalyan to fight together against Modi in the coming general elections. He, in fact, asked what is YSRCP’s problem if TDP and Janasena fight against Modi in the center and YSRCP in the state.

Pawan on the other side as of today is not ready to fight elections along with Naidu as he is very well aware that he has to fight against the anti-incumbency wave if he aligns with TDP. He categorically made a statement, he would contest all the seats in the state and have CPI and CPM as his alliance partners.

So this is going to cost Naidu dearly. He wants to get out of the Congress alliance in AP after seeing the results in Telangana. With Janasena ruling out on the alliance, the least Naidu would expect is to align with CPI and CPM and make use of the communist cadre in at least three to four districts. But looks Pawan is going to stop that from happening and causing more damage to Naidu.

Effectively, by ruling out an alliance with TDP Pawan has left no options for Babu except Congress. Let’s see if Naidu can stitch something for the 2019 polls.