NTR insulted: Even he cannot change TDP’s fortunes?

Right after the shocking and ignominious defeat of Chandra Babu’s TDP in the last election, many in the party started demanding Young Tiger NTR to enter politics and take over the party reigns and instill fresh lease of life into it. During that time speculation increased whether NTR will take the political plunge. However many analysts ruled out that possibility citing the bright future for him in the films. Some even adviced him against taking the political plunge by getting carried away and told him that he can think about politics after 5-10 years.

In the meantime AP CM Jagan’s aggressive nature and the ruling YSRCP’s supersonic speed is putting TDP in the defensive. In the midst of all this, YSRCP minister Kodali Nani who is touted to be close to NTR came with shocking statements. He said ‘TDP has past his expiry period and no one and no power can save the party”

He added ‘ TDP has no future and even if NTR takes over the reigns, he cannot save the party.’ He said in Telangna TDP is no where and it is in no position to take on other parties like Congress,TRS and BJP. He said when he was in the TDP,he along with Harikrishna and NTR, Sr NTR family members worked in unision. He said but after the sidelining of Harikrishna following 2009 defeat, he felt that TDP cannot survive and joined YSRCP. He said Chandra Babu adopted a use and throw policy against NTR insulting him to the core.

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