NIMS: Surgeries cancelled due to shortage of water!


A rare phenomenon has occurred in the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) with elective surgeries being cancelled citing the shortage of water as a reason.

Coming to the details, the hospital which provides medical services to thousands on a daily basis is currently struggling with a shortage of water for the past one week. The situation has worsened on Monday, leading to the cancellation of surgical operations formally. The situation further worsened with the family members of the aggrieved locking heads against the on-duty Doctors for delaying treatment.


It is a known thing that Hyderabad suffers from water shortage, especially during Summers. When such a situation is evident to happen and there were clear signs of its indication in the last few days, why did the hospital management failed to take appropriate steps at the right moment?. Negligence was the culprit. Of course, what can we expect from the staff when the head of the government itself is busy visiting political leaders leaving the governance behind.

The Hospital management covered that the sudden Water crisis was due to the adding of additional beds in various medical departments. However, the bitter reality is the government has gone into a hibernate mode ever since the onset of General election, campaigning for support from the public and national parties alike. And, when there’s no one to monitor .. such things are destined to happen.