Lok Sabha polls: Janasena’s vision on contesting in Telangana

Prior to Janasena’s announcement of forming parliamentary committees in Telangana’s three key constituencies of Secunderabad, Malkajgiri and Khammam, everyone thought that the Pawan Kalyan led party will only be confined to Andhra politics for the time being. Even the Janasenani acknowledged that he is yet to complete the groundwork for his party’s development in Andhra Pradesh.

Whatever be the case, Pawan has decided to intensify his strategy ahead of the general election notification in Telangana. To this effect, Janasena has announced parliamentary committees for another four constituencies. It includes Warangal, Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda and Medak. However, forming committees itself does not make it all for Janasena. It has to overcome the daunting task of developing the party from the grassroots, forming party offices, increasing the cadre and selecting the winning horses. It will be interesting to see how Pawan Kalyan fights against the mighty TRS which saw an easy victory in the 2018 assembly election.

A deeper analysis of the current situation will reveal that Janasena is focusing hard on Secunderabad, Malkajgiri and Khammam areas where it feels it had a huge fan base. The party may or may not contest all the 17 parliamentary seats in Telangana but it is obvious that PK will garner a vote share for sure..thanks to his huge fan base in Telugu states.