KT from us to US: News Channel

We all know CNN as an American news television channel. US President, Trump, today tweeted accusing CNN of portraying USA in an unfair and false way. He mentioned that CNN does not have a good rating in the USA and it also does not have much competition outside of USA. He suggested starting own Worldwide Network to show how great USA is.

Basically, America based CNN is doing fine. As his relationship with them isn’t good, he would have another America based channel to compete.

Almost every other party in our state owns a media house. Each party runs their own news channels, publish own newspapers. Way back, our folks recognized that owning a network is the best way to do some PR work. Looks like it has rubbed some ideas to the US too.

Well, well! We have umpteen channels set up in the Telugu states. More than happy to give KT (knowledge transfer). Obtaining visas might just get easier!



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