Jagan should replace I, Me, Myself with We, Our, Ourself

YS Jagan, the chief of YSRCP who is close to completing a historic 3600 kilometers padayatra was speaking to media on this occasion. He first spoke to Sakshi and then TV9. He showed maturity and it was very clear, padayatra has changed Jagan’s understanding of peoples problem.

He handled the  interviewer Rajanikanth very well and made him fall short of counter questions. Looks like Jagan had been trying to think on how to solve the issues people are facing and that clearly reflected in his answers.

Jagan was eloquent on any topic, welfare, development or alliance for the next elections. He was brilliant. He was open about his relationship with the chief minister of Telangana KCR and Prime Minister Modi.

His response to the question on Vijay Sai Reddy meeting frequently with Modi, was a shocker to Rajanikanth.

In spite of all these plus points, there were few points that he needs to work on. For many of the questions, he was answering it was “me” who did that or It was “I” who took that stand. After a historic padayatra of 3600 plus kilometers, interacting with crores of people directly, Jagan somewhere has the feeling of I, Me, Myself. He needs to let go those three words and replace them with We, Our, Ourself and put the party above him.