Jagan evading questions about alliance with PK?

In an interview with a news channel, YSRCP Chief Jagan was asked if he was considering an alliance with Janasena. Jagan said he believes YSRCP should contest on its own just like in 2014 election and every party has their own strategy. However, as he did not say a definite “Yes” or “No”, it has raised some brows.

He feels Pawan is one of the three who is responsible for the current state. PK did admit that joining hands with Chandra Babu Naidu was a mistake but that does not make him pardonable.

When asked why he was soft with Modi and attacking only Naidu, Jagan retorted saying he has and will raise voice against anybody and anything that will have an effect on our state. From citing his displeasure when Centre announced a Special package then and also the resignation of his MPs last year protesting the same, it is only Naidu who is raising such incorrect rumors.

Jagan ranked Modi as Zero when it comes to Andhra’s affairs.

Well, nothing is permanent in politics. Need to wait and watch! Election fever is here to stay!