Its Modi’s time now, PM to address rallies in Telangana

With the Telangana Congress speeding up their election campaigning, BJP too has decided to use its star campaigners. Reports suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address rallies in Telangana on November 27 and December 3. The venues for the meetings are yet to be finalised.

BJP will be fighting alone in the upcoming election on December 7 and in the present state, it can hardly stand against the mighty TRS and the Congress-led Mahakootami. Seems like the state unit has realised the same and are putting out their best to gain voter base.

BJP National President Amit Shah had already addressed rallies in the month of September and will be campaigning in a second stint on November 25, 27 and 28. Telangana’s BJP Spokesperson said that the locations for the rallies will be finalised soon.

The timing of the BJP meeting just after Congress’s meeting at Medchal tells more of Amit Shah’s strategy. Sources said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will counter all the allegations from Congress in a grand rally. In fact, there are rumours that the BJP has waited a long time for Congress to wind up their key meeting before calling Prime Minister to Telangana. This will also create additional scope for the saffron party to bring out loopholes of Congress from its public address at Medchal.

The meeting is also expected to clear the air on what is cooking between TRS and BJP. Will Prime Minister Modi criticize TRS openly?.

However, evidently, it will not be easy for BJP and their Modi mantra to work in the South Indian states. Modi’s mileage has fallen to the least, at least in the Telugu states over the last two years. Telugu people now see Modi as someone who took a U-turn on Special category status and the creator of demonetization suffering. Let us see how well BJP will sail on December 7, when compared to 2014.