5 years vs 15 minutes challenge – RaGa vs Modi

Prime Minister, Modi, on Friday, challenged Congress Party to have a non-Gandhi member as its Party President for just 5 years. He would then accept that Nehru indeed created a democratic system. This was in response to Shashi Tharoor’s comment that only because of Nehru that a “Chaiwala” could become a PM.

This morning, Rahul Gandhi challenged Modi to have a debate on Rafale deal. Rahul said he would speak about Ambani, HAL, France President’s statement in his 15 minutes. Modi in response can have 15 minutes timeframe.

Rahul sure had many 15 minutes timeslot in the parliament to make Rafale deal a highlight. Is there any new breaking findings he has dug through? Or is it only to make media jibe? Not sure why he is called Pappu, pretty smart of him to not answer the 5 years non-Gandhi member challenge.

Of course, we had Chidambaram list out all the Congress Party Presidents till date. Only 6 of them belonged to the Gandhi Family. Well, only so many were, in their family, active in Politics. The others seemed just nominees of the dynasty rule.

5 years vs 15 minutes. RaGa vs Modi. Our current politicians are good at throwing challenges. Can they be good leaders too? Hopeful.