Jagan’s shock: Only poor no rich in Andhra?

In a huge shock to AP CM YS. Jagan Mohan Reddy, a survey conducted found out that over 95% of people are poor. This is making many right-thinking people wonder where are the taxpayers and the rich and affluent people which AP people boast of.

According to the Democracy Survey, the total number of households in Navyandra is 1.52 crore. The number of ration cards in the state is 1.5 crore. This means that only 2 lakh families do not have ration cards! And what about government employees, income taxpayers, politicians, middle-class people ..? There is no answer to this. The number of ration cards is growing faster than the population in the state.

The number of these cards has been in doubt since the beginning. It is a situation where not everyone who has a ration card can say yes for sure. As a continuation of this, the number of fresh cards has further increased. While the number of ration cards in the TDP government was 1.47 crore, it has recently increased by another three lakh and crossed one and a half crore.

According to the details of the Department of Civil Supplies .. Currently ration cards 1,50,81,101. The number of family members under their jurisdiction is 4,42,62,295. According to the Public Empowerment Survey conducted by the previous government, 4.68 crore people were registered. This means that only 26 lakh people are not covered under ration cards. However, the empowerment survey shows some differences between the number of families and the number of family members.

YS Jagan government
YS Jagan government

Although the number of members is huge, the number of families seems to below. However, 95 percent of the family members are within the ration. The official figures show that 5 percent is above the poverty line.
It is incomprehensible how the number of poor is increasing at a time when the government is boasting that poverty is declining. With the advent of the YCP government, the process of issuing ration cards was further facilitated. Granting has started at the level of Village / Ward Secretariats. This has further increased the issuance of cards.

Separation of families seems to be the main reason for the huge increase in the number of ration cards. As soon as the children get married, the families get separated. It is increasing that they immediately apply for new cards. The ration card has become the standard for any welfare scheme in the state. This increases the chances of joint families separating and reaping greater benefits. For example .. if there are two boys in a family .. they become 3 families as soon as they get married.

The profit so far has doubled for the same family. The strange thing is that no matter how many cards there are, there is not much profit in the case of ration goods. Even if a family splits, rice is distributed to them based on the number of members. But they are benefiting from welfare schemes through that ration‌ card. Applications for new ration cards are still on the rise with the recent rise in cash transfer schemes. No matter how many new cards are issued, new applications keep coming from time to time.

No government has ever dared to go into the purge of ration cards. Governments are not taking action in that direction as there is a risk of growing public opposition if the purge begins. As soon as Jagan’s YCP government came in, it started working in this direction. It did an exercise to remove almost 17 lakh cards. But it backfired as criticism mounted on a serious level. Over is issuing new cards heavily.

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