Jagan’s Ashtadigbandhanam of CBN

Many felt that YSRCP Jagan Mohan Reddy’s victory in the last elections was due to the mistakes of TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu rather than his own strategies and strengths. Few analysts went overboard and predicted Jagan to swallow the bitter pill with dissent in the party and anger in the public. They predicted that Chandra Babu as a master strategist and modern day Chanakya, would take full advantage and decimate Jagan.

However Jagan’s one year rule gave many shocks to Chandra Babu and it took the only Coronavirus to slow down Jagan express. Jagan’s popularity increased in public and to the top of it, it is TDP which is getting decimated as leader after leader is joining YSRCP. Chandra Babu is at his wit’s end and though he tried to take advantage of LG Polymers Gas leak, Dr.Sudhakar’s issue and High Court reverses for Jagan, he failed to do so.

Now Jagan is shocking CBN with his Ashtadigbandhanam. He announced CBI proble into various schemes and Fibrenet project launched by Chandra Babu’s TDP government earlier citing corruption issues. Already Chandra Babu got a huge shock when top leader Achchennaidu was arresed by the ACB. Chandra Babu is set to get more such shocks in near future.Jagan with his ashtadigbandhanam is set to crush CBN soon and wipe him out in AP politics.