A glimpse of upcoming new Parliament

The BJP government has taken on the task of building a new Parliament in New Delhi, to ‘let go’ of the past. In his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that while the old Parliament house reflected the sentiments of the people, post British era, he reassured that the new Parliament will be a reflection of ‘atmanirbhar’ India. The Parliament is expected to be completed by October, 2022, at a cost of Rs 971 crore.


This is how the new Parliament will look


He said it will be a standing example of the aspirations of a new India that was looking forward to the new decade. The target set by the BJP government is to complete the new building to match the 75th anniversary of country’s independence.

The building will be in an area of 64,500 sq mtrs and it will have a grand Constitution Hall to showcase India’s democratic heritage, a lounge for members of Parliament, a library, multiple committee rooms, dining areas and ample parking space.

What is interesting to note is fact that the new Parliament house will have a seating capacity of 888 members, while Rajya Sabha will have 384 seats for members. The Lok Sabha will have the option of sitting capacity of 1,224 members during joint members. This little addition has been done keeping in view the burgeoning number of members in both houses.

The building will have state of the art security features and flaunt solar energy mechanism in keeping with the clean environment motto. It will showcase an interesting mix of Indian culture, regional arts, crafts and architecture. A central gallery will be open for public. Tata Projects will be constructing the new Parliament.

However, the new Parliament house has its quota of criticism. For starters, there has been no public debate on an issue of national importance. Secondly, the Central Public Works Department has given a ‘no objection’ certificate despite 1,200 recorded objections. Even the tenders were carried out in a hush-hush and rush-rush manner.

The main criticism is that BJP is trying to leave its ‘monumental mark’ in Indian history by building a new Parliament, installing new statues and getting involved in other public constructions.

Congress leader has criticised the new ‘atmanirbhar’ Parliament saying it had an eerie resemblance to the Pentagon in Washington DC. He pointed out that while the Parliament built by the Brits bore a resemblance to Chausath Yogini temple in Morena, MP, he new wonder is all ‘firang’.

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