358 travellers from UK to Hyderabad identified

Seven passengers who have reached Hyderabad from the UK during the last 24 hours have tested negative for Covid-19, health officials said on Tuesday.

On arrival, the passengers underwent RT-PCR tests but were not found infected by the virus. However, all of them have been kept under quarantine.

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The state Health Department identified 358 travelers from UK who reached Hyderabad since December 15, and officials said steps were being taken to reach out to them.

Their RT-PCR tests will be conducted. Those who will test positive will be shifted to a health care facility while passengers who test negative will be kept under institutional quarantine for a week.

The Health Department has made arrangements to conduct RT-PCR tests for passengers coming from UK at Hyderabad airport.

The department has already sounded high alert over the new strain of Covid-19 that was detected in UK.

Though India has already suspended flights to and from the UK till December 31, the health authorities have taken steps to screen all passengers who are already en route to the state from the UK.

Director of Public Health Dr G. Srinivas Rao said surveillance has been further strengthened. He said the surveillance measures will be strict like the measures taken in March-April.

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has already issued an advisory on the new strain of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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