YS Jagan’s Tactical Maneuver To Secure The Future

Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently participated in a crucial cabinet meeting held on 20th September, ahead of the commencement of the assembly sessions on 21st September. During this meeting, it is reported that Jagan extensively discussed his party’s current state in anticipation of the upcoming general election.

According to sources, YS Jagan took a proactive step by distributing sealed envelopes containing reports evaluating the performance of his party’s MLAs and MPs. It is said that he commissioned six surveys, each focusing on various aspects, and meticulously analyzed the results before presenting them in sealed envelopes to his MLAs.

Reportedly, Jagan expressed disappointment with the performance of a considerable number of his MLAs. As a response, he has decided to replace 30 of his sitting MLAs with new candidates in those constituencies. This significant decision to remove sitting MLAs indicates the challenges faced by the YSRCP as a whole.

Political analysts speculate that Jagan’s move to replace these candidates could be a last-ditch effort to improve the party’s standing, reflecting the overall negative sentiment surrounding the YSRCP. This development has put the Chief Minister in a challenging position, and altering the candidate roster appears to be an attempt to revive the party’s prospects in the upcoming general election.