Will Sunil return to his lost stardom?

Sunil was a leading comedian in the early 2000s till mid-2000s. His comic timing was on par with the best comedians and even dominated Brhmanandam for a while. However, his desire to prove himself as a hero has done more harm than good his career.

With a string for commercial failures as a hero, Sunil’s career was in a jeopardy. His place was taken over by Vennela Kishore and Sunil found it hard to get the lost rhythm back. Though he appeared in some big movies, his role didn’t leave any impact.

However, Sunil is hopeful of gaining his lost mojo with Ram Charan-Shankar’s movie. As per the sources, Sunil’s role will be hilarious and he will be seen throughout the movie. Let’s hope Sunil finds his stardom back with this Pan India movie.