Will Devara Disappoint The Fans?

There is speculation surrounding NTR’s 30th film titled ‘Devara’. Reports suggest that this movie will have fewer commercial elements compared to previous ventures. Director Koratala Siva has expressed this sentiment, stating that the film will primarily focus on a serious narrative with minimal room for entertainment.

Furthermore, it appears that ‘Devara’ will feature a limited number of songs, possibly only three or four. However, NTR is widely regarded as a mass hero, and audiences have come to expect a certain level of entertainment and glamour in his films. The inclusion of Janhvi Kapoor, a popular actress known for her allure, in this South Indian debut has heightened anticipation among fans, who hope for impressive dance sequences and glamour from the NTR and Janhvi combination.

Given the expectations associated with a mass hero film, it remains to be seen how the filmmakers will strike a balance between a serious narrative and the customary entertainment elements. The audience eagerly awaits the outcome of this intriguing venture.