Will Aadipurush Be Loss Venture?

Despite concerted efforts, the upcoming movie ‘Aadi Purush’ fails to generate the desired buzz. Consequently, tensions have escalated between the producers and the buyers involved in the project. This situation has also left Prabhas, the lead actor, extremely anxious. In anticipation of potential discrepancies in the film’s outcome, Prabhas has preemptively assured the Telugu buyers of his support.

The prevailing concerns surrounding the movie have only intensified doubts and skepticism among industry stakeholders. Producers and buyers are increasingly indifferent to recent film failures, leading to protests and agitations. It is imperative for both the director and the hero to take responsibility and address these issues, as witnessed in the movies ‘Acharya’ and ‘Liger’. The industry is closely monitoring the developments, with whispers circulating that Prabhas has been forewarned about a similar fate befalling ‘Aadi Purush’. The outcome remains uncertain, and we await it’s unfolding.