Why Did Siddharth Breakdown?

The versatile Siddharth was moved to tears during the promotional events for ‘Chinna,’ his latest release. ‘Chithha,’ the original version of the film, has been garnering widespread acclaim for its exceptional performance, receiving praise from both critics and audiences alike. Initially slated for a simultaneous Telugu release on September 28, the film encountered challenges in securing an adequate number of screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. However, Asian Films stepped in as the distributor, and the Telugu version, titled ‘Chinna,’ is now poised to captivate audiences on October 6.

At a pre-release event, emotions overflowed as Siddharth found it difficult to hold back tears while on stage. The success of ‘Chithha’ adds another triumph to Siddharth and director SU Arun Kumar’s list of hit collaborations. The film features a talented cast, including Nimisha Sajayan, Baby Sahasra Sree, and Anjali Nair, who played crucial roles.

Nearly a week after its initial release, ‘Chinna’ is finally ready to make its mark in Telugu cinema. During a press conference, Siddharth shared that esteemed distributors in Tamil Nadu (Red Giant Movies) and Kerala (Sree Gokulam Cinemas) have already hailed the film as one of the best. Furthermore, the producers of the blockbuster ‘KGF’ in Karnataka secured the rights to the film after watching it.

Siddharth conveyed his emotions, stating, “The film was initially scheduled for a simultaneous Telugu release, but some had doubts about whether people would come to watch Siddharth’s movies. I firmly believed that if I made a good film, the audience would come. Unfortunately, we couldn’t secure theaters for the September 28 release due to this skepticism. Sunil Garu from Asian Films recognized the film’s potential and supported it. I can confidently say that I haven’t made a better film than this one.”

He went on to say, “I don’t want to reiterate what I’ve said in the past about my previous films like ‘Bommarillu.’ If you have faith in cinema and enjoy it, I urge you to watch ‘Chinna.’ After seeing it, if you still feel that you don’t want to watch any more of my films, I won’t hold press conferences like this anymore.”

‘Chithha,’ written and directed by SU Arun Kumar, is a potent emotional thriller that tackles the sensitive issue of child abuse. The film conveys a crucial social message on how to support and care for individuals, particularly children, who have endured abuse, shedding light on its impact on families and the imperative need for support.

Produced under Siddharth’s own banner, Etaki Entertainment, the film is experiencing a surge in box office collections thanks to the positive word of mouth. ‘Chithha’ stands as a testament to Siddharth’s unwavering dedication to meaningful cinema and storytelling.