Who Is Behind Bandla Ganesh?

Bandla Ganesh’s Twitter handle has recently been flooded with a series of tweets under the name “Guruji.” These tweets suggest that Guruji has the power to separate husbands and wives and can make someone a producer by gifting them. It is important to note that Guruji refers to the renowned wordsmith Trivikram Srinivas in the industry.

Trivikram Srinivas, also known as Guruji, shares a close friendship with Pawan Kalyan, who is an ardent devotee of the acclaimed director. However, Bandla Ganesh, a devoted fan of Pawan Kalyan, has been posting satirical tweets against Trivikram. The reason behind these tweets seems to be related to Bandla Ganesh’s upcoming movie with Pawan Kalyan. There are rumors that Trivikram is allegedly blocking the film, which has prompted Bandla Ganesh to target Guruji in his tweets.

Nevertheless, this may not be the sole reason for Bandla Ganesh’s actions. Speculation suggests that there could be influential forces working behind the scenes, orchestrating these tweets. It remains unclear whether political motives or other factors are at play, leaving us in suspense for now.