When ANR insulted Krishna


ANR and NTR were the first superstars of Telugu cinema and have pitted against each other and speculations of cold war between them have always made the headlines. However, contrary to the rumors and conjectures, the two legendary heroes had massive respect for each other and enjoyed a warm vibe whenever they are under the same roof.

After their generation, Superstar Krishna emerged as the next big star hero and his relationship with NTR was never good. Even Krishna made satirical movies on NTR which irked him several times. However, not many know that even Krishna had a tiff with ANR.

As per the news, Superstar Krishna dared to remake ANR’s cult classic Devadas despite requesting him not to remake the movie. Infuriated by this, ANR has bought all the rights of his Devadas and released along with Krishna’s movie.

Sadly, Krishna’s Devadas turned out to be a massive disaster and when the media asked ANR about comparing his acting with Krishna’s acting, ANR said that he enjoys a massive stardom and can’t insult himself by comparing with Krishna.