Viswamitra – Review

Viswamitra Review

Title: Viswamitra

Cast: Satyam Rajesh, Nanditha, Asuthosh Rana, Chammak Chandra etc

Screen play and Direction: Raj Kiran

Music: Anup Rubens

Introduction: ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ fame Nanditha is back with another thriller. This time she is pairing with Satyam Rajesh. Let’s see what the movie has in store.

Story: Mitra (Nanditha) works in some company and she is quite a traditional girl. She hates social media and does not even possess a smartphone. Mitra’s boss (Ashutosh Rana) laid his eyes on her and wanted to have physical pleasure with her. Cunningly, he gets her embroiled in some problems and each time she faces a problem, Viswa comes to her rescue. She tells about Viswa to her friend Prasanna, a police officer. Who out of curiosity wanted to know who Viswa is and finds some disturbing news about Viswa. How is Viswa linked to Mitra, what happens next forms the rest of the story?

Analysis: The story is quite outdated and the screenplay is very bad. Horror thriller needs a very gripping story and screenplay, both of which we don’t find in this film. It seems director hadn’t even put half his heart in the film. The concept is copied from movies like ‘Endukante Premanta’ even then the director couldn’t write an interesting story. Production values are mediocre. Nanditha is seen in sarees in the entire film and she did okay. Satyam Rajesh, who turned hero for the first time too did well for his first attempt. Asuthosh Rana helped the movie a little bit and he is the one who brings some seriousness in the film.

Finally: Pale thriller