Vijayashanthi’s Bold Move Boosts Congress Election Prospects

Vijayashanthi, known for her bold stance, recently made headlines by leaving the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and joining the Congress party in Telangana. Her move to the grand old Congress party came just before the highly anticipated general elections. She officially became a part of the Congress party, donning their shawl at a formal induction ceremony, alongside Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge and other prominent figures.

What’s noteworthy is that shortly after her entry, Vijayashanthi was swiftly appointed as the Chief Coordinator of the Campaign and Planning Committee for the upcoming elections. This elevation in her role within the Congress stands in contrast to her reported dissatisfaction with the BJP leadership. Earlier, she was allegedly unhappy due to not being offered an MLA seat, any significant position, or inclusion in the star campaigners’ list for the impending elections.

It seems that her swift rise in the Congress party fulfilled her desires, which were unmet in her tenure with the BJP. With the general elections scheduled to begin on the 30th of this month, Vijayashanthi’s move to Congress signifies a momentum shift in favor of the party.

Her switch marks the third BJP leader’s transition to the Congress party in recent times, indicating a trend of leaders aligning with Congress ahead of the state elections. Overall, Vijayashanthi’s move and the subsequent influential role granted to her within the Congress party depict a significant shift in the political landscape of Telangana as the state gears up for the imminent elections on the view.