Vaishnav Tej’s update on Sai Dharam Tej

Vaishnav Tej is set to entertain movie lovers with his upcoming film Kondapolam which is releasing on October 8. Ahead of his film release, he interacted with the media.

During his media interaction, he gave an update on his brother Sai Dharam Tej’s health. It is known that Sai Dharam Tej after a bike accident is recovering in Apollo Hospital.

Vaishnav Tej said “Sai is absolutely fine though he’s still in the hospital, under doctors’ observation, doing physiotherapy etc. But he’s recovering slowly and should be back home in another week or 10 days.”

He added “He was driving the bike at a normal speed but the ground was muddy, and when he applied the brakes, it skidded and he fell. The fall caused a collarbone fracture and he had a little congestion. Sai has been completely fine from day one, but it takes time for a fractured collarbone to get back to normal.”