Troubles In Manchu’s Family

Manchu Mohan Babu’s family is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Their family has become the soft target for the trollers. Barring Manchu Manoj, all the family members Mohan Babu, Laxmi, and Vishnu get trolled badly for no reason.

Of late, there have been several speculations about the issues in the Manchu family. It’s heard that Manchu Manoj has been staying with the family for a long time. It is also rumored that the tiff in the family arose when Manoj decided to marry Bhuma Mounika against the wish of their family members.

As per the sources, Manoj will be getting married to Bhuma Mounika in February next year. Reacting to the same, his sister Manchu Laxmi said that it’s all well between the family. As Vishnu is busy with his business and family, he rarely meets them, but, Manoj is in constant touch with her.

Laxmi also said that she need not reveal everything that’s happening in their family as it’s their personal matter and their family doesn’t bother about every news that’s written about their family and disputes.