Trisha Faces Backlash For Animal Review

Actress Trisha Krishnan has been in the spotlight lately for several reasons, from the success of her recent movie Leo to getting involved in the Mansoor Ali Khan comments controversy. Most recently, she garnered attention for her review of the movie Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor.

In her review posted last night, she described the film as “CULT! Pppppppaaaaaahhhhhhh” sparking varied reactions from netizens. However, her endorsement of the movie drew criticism, particularly in light of her recent remarks about the dignity of women. Some accused her of inconsistency and labeled her a ‘fake’ feminist, citing the apparent contradiction between supporting a movie that portrayed women negatively after discussing women’s dignity just days before.

The backlash prompted Trisha to swiftly delete the post, but screenshots of her review continue to circulate online, fueling further discussions and memes. Amidst this, Trisha remains focused on her professional commitments, with projects like Vidaamuyarchi and Thug Life occupying her time.