Tollywood Star Hero To Skip The Ram Mandir Inauguration In Ayodhya

After over two decades of anticipation, the completion of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is set to be celebrated with a grand inauguration ceremony. The event, scheduled for January 22nd, will witness the presence of eminent movie celebrities from various Indian film industries, with the special hosting by PM Modi.

Popular stars such as Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan have received invitations and are expected to make a significant impact at the ceremony. However, amidst the notable guest list, there has been speculation about the absence of NTR. Contrary to rumors, it has been confirmed that NTR was indeed invited by the Modi government. Nevertheless, the actor will be skipping the event due to his commitments to the shoot schedule of Devera, a fact he has communicated to the authorities.

The construction of the Ram Mandir, a project in the making for a considerable period, has garnered widespread attention. The launch event is poised to be a spectacular affair, attracting notable personalities from across the world.