Will Young Tiger turn NTR’s dreams into a reality

People of two Telugu states are celebrating the 97th birth anniversary of senior NTR, Viswa Vikhyata Natasarwabhowma today. Senior NTR with his exceptional acting talent, expressions, emotions, and dialogue delivery created a niche for himself. None could come anywhere near him when it comes to donning the roles of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, or the roles of antagonists like Duryodhana, Ravana, etc.

He with his daring attitude took a plunge into politics launching his party TDP and within 9 months uprooted the all-powerful Indira Gandhi from the state of Congress making Telugu people realize the importance of ‘ Andhrula Atma Gowravam’. His political stature increased across the country and at one time he was even offered the post of Prime Minister.

NTR however decided to concentrate on Andhra Pradesh. His political rise had been cut short by his son in law Chandra Babu Naidu and his family members after his second marriage with Lakshmi Parvathi. Now TDP is in dire straits with Chandra Babu Naidu erasing all NTR memories. Under these circumstances, the question is will Young Tiger NTR, who inherited all the qualities of his grandfather NTR will realize his dreams.

Young Tiger NTR got the striking resemblance of his grandfather NTR and he also has the acting talent, expressions and emotions apart from powerful dialogue delivery. He is achieving what is expected of him in the film industry but the question is will he make his grandfather NTR proud in politics. Unlike his grandfather, NTR should fight many internal and external enemies to achieve his political aspirations. He has miles to go before he can realize even half what his grandfather achieved in politics and if he does, it will be a sensation in the current times as many top stars like Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Power star Pawan Kalyan failed to create a similar record in politics with their parties Praja Rajyam and Jana Sena.