When Chiranjeevi scolded for offering remuneration

People are always under the impression that top stars will be star struck and show tantrums. They will be particular about their remuneration. However in a surprise revelation, Mega Star Chiranjeevi scolded an actor for offering him remuneration.

It is known that Chiranjeevi romanced Radhika in many super hit films. Radhika’s husband Sarath Kumar also shared screen presence with Chiranjeevi in many films. Sarath Kumar and Radhika recollected their association with Chiranjeevi.

Radhika said ‘ I am always proud of my association with Chiranjeevi”. Sarath Kumar said ‘ One time I was under huge financial crunch. During that time a producer came to me and told me to get the dates of Chiranjeevi so that I could some money. When I called Chiranjeevi he told me that he is in Hyderabad”

Sarath Kumar continued ‘ When I went to Chiranjeevi, he was shooting for a scene. He at once cancelled the entire shooting schedule for the afternoon and asked the director that he would shoot tomorrow. He did all this when I told him that I would like to speak to him personally. “

Sarath Kumar recollected saying ” He served me with love and affection. I asked me to allocate his dates and told that all my financial burden and debts will be cleared. He at once promised to give the dates of his next film. when I asked him his remuneration, he got angry and asked ‘ You told you are in debts. I do not need any remuneration”. While narrating all these things Sarath Kumar got tear struck.