What did Upasana do with condoms

Generally people do not even dare to utter the word of the condom. Many men do not even think of using it. Under these circumstances, one can understand the situation of women. They do not even think about it.

In the midst of all this, Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s daughter, Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s wife, Upasana shocked all with her condom acts.

She dared to wear an outfit made of scrap and especially using waste condoms. Upasana sharing her picture, posted “Sustainable Fashion is the Future! Dare to wear Scrap?
#covid19 reboot
Organza top Entirely created from textile scraps & rejects from local designers.
#Madefromwaste Custom Latex Skirt (made from defected condoms)”

while celebrities showered praises for her daring act, mega fans and other netizens blasted for her insensitive acts. It has to be seen how Mega Power Star Ram Charan reacts to it. It is known that Upasana has been the successful entrepreneur even before she married Ram Charan.